Cards & Crafts
Join our Cards & Crafts program!

  • Opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in intergenerational acts of kindness 
  • Examples:

    • Kids and young adults can work together to create uplifting, heartfelt cards and crafts to send to isolated older adults all over the United States

      • So far, we have delivered over 100 cards & crafts to older adults in California, Illinois, Ohio, Connecticut, and Virginia!

    • Young adults and older adults can use their artistic talents to create crafts to send to hospitalized and disadvantaged children

  • You can also sign up to receive these cards & crafts OR nominate a loved one to be the recipient


  1. Sign up on the frontpage of the website

  2. Check your inbox for an email from us with the following information:

    • Our expectations of you and what you can expect from the VC team

    • Card and craft-making guidelines/ideas

    • Address for you to send your card and craft to

    • Reimbursement form (for supplies and postage purchased) for those who indicate they would like financial assistance 

  3. Send your cards and crafts

  4. When we have received them, we will let you know and send pictures of the cards & crafts delivery your card/craft is a part of

  5. You are welcome to continue sending in your cards & crafts at any time!

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