Pen Pals
Become a pen pal!


The Virtual Companions Pen Pals program connects seniors and youth through letters! Connecting through these letters can ease loneliness and help establish genuine connections regardless of access to technology. This is especially beneficial during the current pandemic.


Sign up on the interest form on the front page to start building a connection!


  1. Sign up on the frontpage of the website

  2. Check your inbox for an email from us with the following information:

    1. Our expectations of you and what you can expect from the VC team

    2. Guidelines and tips for letter-writing

    3. Address for you to send your letter to

    4. Reimbursement form (for supplies and postage purchased) for those who indicate they would like financial assistance 

  3. Send your letters!

    1. We will facilitate the first letter exchange, before letting you and your companion take it from there

    2. Our volunteer coordinator will check in periodically to provide assistance if any challenges or issues arise 

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